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About Us...

We supply fresh, organically grown, open pollinated heirloom seed varieties.

From humble beginnings as an obsessed gardener and fresh air fancier pottering about on my 5-acre hobby farm in the Tamar Valley of Tasmania, I set about changing from a life as a stressed-out chef to one walking alongside mother nature.  My passion for gardening started when I was young, following my Nana around the garden but my passion for seeds really started after my plants always went to seed because I was too busy with work to cook at home.  I didn't want my plants' growing efforts to be for nothing (..silly I know), So I'd let them finish the growing cycle and as a result I started collecting the seeds.  Over the years I learnt more and more about the art of seed saving.  The down time during the Corona lock-down cemented my obsession with seeds learning more about Native varieties, Seeds in my Local area and more possibilities in my vegetable gardens. I am dedicated to careful selection, avoiding cross pollination between varieties and high germination rates! My aim is to bring you the best seeds I possibly can, chosen from the the best plants of the year, fresh each year!

Don't be shy, share a photo with us on the socials. Like a proud hovering grandmother, I like to see how the "kids" are getting on. Foreman Norman, Benga and Barney are on standby waiting for any news!

OK let's be serious now. Our aim is to become your local trusted source of quality Tasmanian Seeds.  Most of our seeds are grown by me or collected by me unless of course a hungry chook, possum or snails foil my plans then other arrangements must be made...  As we are still growing some additional seeds have been sourced elseware  like  florist grade flower seeds and a few hybrids but we intend to keep our seeds "Tassie Seeds" moving forward.  Our focus on the farm is healthy soil first and foremost.  We have big worm farms to keep up the mibrobes to our soil and practice low/no till gardening using cover crops as well and compost and manures to get things as organic and natural as possible.  


We like to keep things simple at Tassie Seeds, a simple website, simple packaging and simple prices shipped quickly so you can get back into your garden😊



The Team...

Abbey Howard

Having a go at small business ownership

Barney and Ben​ga

The Entertainment

Foreman Norman

The Foreman - overseer

What our customers are saying

Lovely , well presented seed stock Abbey offers for anyone who is keen for local acclimatised seed stock...very important and can add energy and vitality to you're growth

Bryon Fullwood - gardening Tasmania, fruit and ornamental Facebook page

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